Privacy Policy


Prices subject to change without notice. Mistakenly posted prices and / or options on the website do not obligate us to those incorrect prices and/ or options. We reserve the right to refuse to rent Golf Carts to anyone for any reason.

Sales tax is charged on instate orders as required by law.

All of our golf carts are gas. Each rental comes with 1 full tank of gas which will last  about 100 miles, if you use more (weekly rentals), it is you responsibility to put regular unleaded fuel gasoline. You do have to fill the tank before you return unless you purchased prepaid gas just make sure there is enough gas to get to our location.

 Operational Safety Conditions/Terms

Renter is responsible for damages incurred on the Golf Carts. Golf Carts flip easily when turning at high speeds. Flipping the Golf Cart is prohibited, and the Renter is responsible for all damages due to a flipped golf cart, no overloading the Golf Cart with passengers. No “Off-Road” driving of the Golf Cart.
Renter is responsible for all towing fees that arise during the rental period.

If the Golf Cart has not been committed to another party, the Renter may extend the rental term; payment is required at that time. In the event the Renter fails to return the Cart at the agreed upon date, any additional charges incurred are the Renter’s responsibility and payment will be due upon the return of the Golf Cart.
Disclosure Statement: Our rental carts are NOT perfect; some are used and may present various small issues. Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be issued, for complaints AFTER the Renter’s rental period has ended, for reasons including but not limited to: Not having fun, engine noise, smell of gas fumes, speed of cart, cosmetics (body damage), minor mechanical problems (i.e., fuel gauge not working, lights/horn not working, rattles, flat tires, etc.), & citations made to the Renter while the cart is in the Renter’s possession.
If a Renter has a problem/complaint with any component of the rental cart, it is the Renter’s responsibility to notify RallyByTheBeach Staff within the first 2 hours the cart is in the Renter’s possession if any refunds/exchanges are requested (but NOT guaranteed). Refunds will be issued at the owner’s discretion.
Normal wear and tear on the vehicle(s) is to be expected, but abuse or damage to the vehicle(s) will be the Renter’s financial responsibility.
Any cost to repair or replace the vehicle(s) and their accessories as a result of any acts of accident, vandalism, fire, or theft will be the Renter’s responsibility. Should the vehicle(s) be damaged beyond repair or stolen during the term of this contract, the Renter is liable for the replacement cost of the vehicle(s).
The Renter will be responsible for routine maintenance of the vehicle(s) for the duration of the contract (i.e. ethanol-free gas, oil, air pressure, etc.).
No one under the age of 21 is permitted to rent vehicle(s). This is the Renter’s responsibility, RallyByThe Beach Golf Carts retains the right to terminate this agreement and take possession of its vehicle(s) if driven in Off-Road scenarios.
The Renter is liable for any and all property damages and/or injury to any passengers or surrounding people caused by use of the Golf Cart. RallyByTheBeach Golf Carts is not liable for any such loss.
Golf Cart reservations can be cancelled with a 95 % refund up to 48 hours prior to the first rental day (5%  bank fee).

If cancelled After 48 hours prior to the first rental day, cancellation fee will be a $15%  from total value of reservation.

By signing this contract, the Renter agrees to abide by all our policies as well as City/Municipality Rules or will be required to answer to the City/Municipality Police Department.